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legit reel

feisty young adult in therapy film clip

emotional breakup clip

playful flirting from Kissing Kerouac

new media commercial spot


Musical Theatre
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Soprano Uptempo
"Vanilla Ice Cream" / from She Loves Me / Bock & Harnick

Uptempo Contemporary MT
"Little Miss Perfect" / by Joriah Kwamé

Uptempo Rock
"I'm So Excited" / by The Pointer Sisters

Uptempo Contemporary MT
"I'm Your Man" / from Meet John Doe / by Andrew Gerle



voiceover reel


from the original Musical Messy
by Brandon Lew

A bit about Messy...
A musical twist on the classic rom-com, it's a show that questions the nature of love in the age of distraction. It follows Jess and Andrew through their journey of attraction, lust, and maybe love; we'll let you be the judge of that. 

To listen to the full song, just look down.

Emotions - Molly Chiffer
The Miller's Son - Molly Chiffer